Know What is in Your Food

Personal Food Allergen Sensor

Our science uses antibodies and a special electronic reader to measure allergens in food in under 2 minutes.

When connected to the ALLIS app via Bluetooth, the sensor can upload the results to the cloud, enabling our AI driven algorithm to provide personal food allergen ingestion suggestions.

Three Simple Steps

Testing for allergens has never been easier!




Track and Share

Place a small sample of food inside the ALLIS Single-Use Cartridge.

Step 1 1.png

Track your intake and build your personal food allergy profile. Don't forget to share your findings - sharing is caring!

The ALLIS Sensor will analyze your food and deliver the result to your ALLIS App in under 2 minutes.

We Understand

Dietary restrictions are a serious thing!

Uncertainty regarding the gluten-free status of menu items can cause fear and anxiety when dining out.

The constant struggle to find safe gluten-free options while traveling or eating away from home can take the joy out of travel.

Limited regulations regarding ingredient sourcing can lead to hypervigilance and frustration when shopping for foods.

The impact of accidentally eating gluten can last for days or weeks, leading to mild or serious pain or impairment.