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We Value Your Individuality

Inspired by the power each and every individual has in creating the world they want to live in, ALLIS believes that the healthcare system has long neglected the individual needs of each food allergy patient. With the unique quality of every person’s health and food intolerances, ALLIS aims to provide a personalized change.

Developed by a compassionate team of scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Academia Sinica, ALLIS specializes in ALLergy analyIS. Integrating interdisciplinary sciences and technology, ALLIS aims to combat the social consequences of food sensitivity. By using a sophisticated portable lab device and unique data platform, ALLIS hopes to create a safer and more enjoyable food experiences for others, while still contributing to the refinement of trusted FDA standards using accurate and individual-focused technology.

Our Milestones

ALLIS stands as the world’s first personalized food allergen sensor that can quantify and evaluate the parts per million concentration of allergens present in food so that you can enjoy meal time - even on the go!


In 2016, our research began after an emergency room physician requested our help in creating tools to aid food allergy patients. In starting our work, our passion for empowering people with food intolerances was born.


In 2017, the keyring-sized iEAT (Integrated Exogenous Antigen Testing) allergen detector was developed as our first prototype before advancing our technology into a much faster, more accurate allergen detection device.


In 2019, we officially patented TADs (Test Food Allergen Detection System) under the registered company TFT (Taiwan User-Friendly Sensor and Tech).

In 2020, we entered the prestigious CES Innovation Awards program and became one of the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honorees, piquing international interest.


In 2021, we were officially acquired by Allerxis for our impressive marketplace reputation and transformed our product design to make allergy detection simple and available to the public.


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