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Testing for allergens has never been easier!

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ALLIS is the world’s first food allergen sensor working towards a more personalized healthcare system. Recognizing and celebrating the uniqueness of each person’s food intolerances, ALLIS combines advanced AI technology with portable lab testing to bring you the first personalized food allergen sensor that truly caters to your specific needs.

How it works

The ALLIS Gluten Sensor is a self-testing gluten kit in the form of a two-part device. A preloaded biochemical antibody cartridge attaches to an electronic reader to send accurate test results to the ALLIS app.

A liquid antibody extraction fluid is preloaded inside the ALLIS cartridge. When running a test, the extraction fluid mixes with the food sample to separate out proteins from other food molecules. ALLIS then examines whether any antibodies attach to the proteins, which would signal the presence of gluten. ALLIS’s electronic reader will then accurately quantify the amount of gluten present (measured in parts per million) in the food sample. ALLIS’s embedded AI algorithms will evaluate, record, and profile the test results onto the ALLIS app. Over time, ALLIS’s deep learning technology will help personalize and even formulate dietary suggestions based on accumulated test results.


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